I don't have a lot to say about the recent midterm election results.

  • I was surprised by how poorly the Republicans did
  • The American right needs to think long and hard about its political positions -- what they are, and how to communicate them to Americans in a persuasive way
  • Candidate quality matters, and Trump has terrible judgement on this
  • It's embarrassing that the results of the election aren't fully known almost a week later.

It seems like elections should be a lot easier. We've made them harder than they need to be.

  • In-person voting on a single day, except for deployed military or invalids.
  • Paper ballots, counted at the precinct. Properly maintain chain-of-custody records for ballots.
  • Show identification to vote.
  • Dip your thumb in purple ink after you've voted.

This isn't rocket science. All the fancy machines and alternate voting methods have made elections too complicated to administer in a transparent and credible manner.

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