What a fantastic birthday present!

So you know how everyone has spent the couple of years wondering where the Tim Geithner-signed bills are? Apparently the printing presses have rebelled against Geithner!

CNBC sources claimed that printers have produced 1.1billion of the new bills - but those bills are unusable because of a creasing problem.

The paper folds over during production - revealing a blank, unlinked [uninked? -- MW] portion of the bill face.

After printing, officials discovered that some of the new bills have a vertical crease that, when the sides of the bill are pulled, unfolds and reveals a blank space on the face of the bill.

At first glance, the bills appear completely printed - but they are not.

Those tricksy pressesses! You can join the rebellion by buying your very own Tim Geithner TAX CHEAT! stamps now now now! Order soon to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

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