I just want to go on the record and say that I expect more job losses. When the media reports yet more "unexpected" job losses, the question to ask is: unexpected by whom?

SHOCKER: JOBLESS CLAIMS RISE “UNEXPECTEDLY” — AGAIN! And yet, every time it happens, it’s “unexpected.” Maybe it’s time to adjust the expectations. . . ?

But how can it be “unexpected” if it’s just due to an administrative backlog?

The jump was due to an “administrative” accumulation from late December and early January holidays, and did not reflect “economic” reasons, a Labor Department spokesman said.

Wouldn’t you know about these things piling up? I mean, the holidays come around every year, and you ought to know that if you’re doing your job and tracking data and stuff. . . .

I guess that if the Obama Administration said "yeah, we expect to lose bazillions of jobs every month for a while" there would be even more backlash against their nonsensical socialist agenda.

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