Someone painted a swastika on a sign in front of Congressman David Scott's office (D-GA). But everything may not be as it seems.

A swastika was found Tuesday painted on a sign outside Rep. David Scott's district office, an act the Georgia Democrat said reflects an increasingly hateful and racist debate over health care and should serve as a reminder for people to tone down their rhetoric.

Scott's staff arrived at his Smyrna, Ga., office Tuesday morning to find the Nazi graffiti emblazoned on a sign bearing the lawmaker's name. The vandalism occurred roughly a week after Scott was involved in a contentious argument over health care at a community meeting.

Scott, who is black, said he also has received mail in recent days that used N-word references to him, and that characterized President Barack Obama as a Marxist.

Take a closer look at that swastika: it was drawn with two S-shaped strokes that cross in the middle, using spray paint. I've seen people draw swastikas in school, and someone unfamiliar with the shape will generally use four strokes, one for each spoke. It's an awkward shape, especially when using a tool like spray paint, and those two S-curves were painted with a lot of confidence.

My inference is that this swastika was not the vandal's first; this swastika was applied by an experienced racist. And what kind of people have the most experience drawing swastikas? Left-wing loony protestors!

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