Now that Republican-In-Name-Only Senator Specter has finally jumped parties officially, why doesn't he invite Senator Olympia Snowe (RINO-Maine) along for the ride? She's a continual embarrassment to the Republican party, and not merely for her ignorance of the Constitution.

The early positioning comes as senators are moving to influence Obama’s thinking before he unveils his choice [for his nomination to the Supreme Court]. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R[INO]-Maine) also met with Obama in a one-on-one meeting Monday, and urged him to select a woman, and the president spoke with the Senate’s newest Democrat, Specter about his thoughts.

"I urged him to consider a woman to the Supreme Court to keep Justice Ginsburg company and to represent 50 percent of the population," Snowe told POLITICO Monday evening.

a) The Supreme Court is not supposed to be a representative body. It's a judicial body. Unfortunately, Senator Snowe appears to be in the Senate representing America's idiots.

b) Anyone who urged the nomination of a male would be immediately castigated for sexism. Unless the Supreme Court has duties I am unaware of, the justices' sexual organs should not come into play.

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