I've heard a few stories about persecution of Christians in Israel, but it either isn't common or it isn't news. From Voice of the Martyrs today though comes this unfortunite item:

Church Set on Fire - Compass Direct News On October 23, suspected arsonists set fire to the Narkis Street Baptist Church, in Western Jerusalem. According to Compass Direct News, the arsonists forcibly entered the building through a side door and set three fires in the sanctuary. The fire damaged 60 chairs and also caused smoke and water damage in the building. Compass News reported that although the police had not yet determined those responsible for the attack, it was suspected they were Jewish militants. According to Pastor Victor Blum, the leader of a Russian Messianic Jewish congregation that meets in the building, an anti-missionary organization named "Yad L'Achim" has threatened him and his congregation over the past few years. The group opposes the church's local evangelistic work and claims that the believers are members of a "dangerous sect." Pray God gives these believers boldness to stand against this attack. Pray the testimony of Christians in Israel will draw the attackers and other nonbelievers into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Joshua 1:9; 2 Timothy 1:7

Thankfully no one was hurt, and Christ's work in the Levant will continue.

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