It shouldn't be a surprise that people are getting fatter. Increased wealth and technology lead to more easily available food, and people, like dogs, will typically eat whatever is put in front of them. Only a leftist who has never had to struggle for survival would see this as a bad circumstance crying out for government intervention.

Obesity has reached pandemic proportions throughout the world and is now the greatest single contributor to chronic disease, an international conference was told here.

"This insidious, creeping pandemic of obesity is now engulfing the entire world," Australia's Monash University professor Paul Zimmet, chair of the 10th International Congress on Obesity, said on the opening day of the conference. ...

Zimmet said the problem needed urgent solutions -- not just widespread changes to diet and exercise but the rethinking of national policies on urban and social planning, agriculture policy, education, transport and other areas.

How about if governments just leave us all alone to get as fat as we care to and to die from whatever cause we want?



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