Not a lot of weekend action to report. I installed a security gate on my back door on Saturday, thereby vastly enhancing the safety of my castle by adding yet another line of defense. Today was my church's annual Baptism at the Beach, and we baptised 20 people, which was pretty sweet. There was a sand castle building competition and my small group won handily. I had been planning to bring shovels and heavy equipment to assist the effort, but I forgot -- I've been forgetting a lot of things recently. Maybe I'm getting senile? I'm juggling a lot, what with the wedding and all, so maybe that's it.

Anyway, there isn't much news is there? The Gaza pull-out makes me sad. What does it say about the Palestinians that both they and the Israelis agree that the ex-settlers' abandoned homes need to be demolished before the pull-out is complete to prevent the Palestinians from fighting and killing over the structures? And, of course, to prevent the walled compounds from becoming terrost fortresses.

Cindy Sheehan is finally out of the news. Best wishes to her and her mom. I hope this is the last we hear of her, and I suspect it will be since August is winding down and there's a confirmation battle to be fought, if for no other reason than to satisfy the lobbyists.

Otherwise... the weekend felt nice and long. See you all tomorrow!



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