The Horatio Alger Association has released the results of its 2005 - 2006 "State of Our Nation's Youth" survey. It's 84 pages long, so I haven't had time to read it all, but there are some interesting statistics in it (and you know how much I love statistics).

For instance, page two reveals that high school students are severely deluded about the effectiveness of their education: 83% and 71% of students say that high school is preparing them for the expectations of college and the working world, respectively. If only they were right!

On page four, the parent breakdown is sad; of responding students:
- 90% live with their mom,
- 69% live with their dad,
- 61% live with both parents,
- 36% live with one parent.

When families fail, it's usually the father who abandons the kids.

The "One Wish" results are interesting also.
- 46% want more time with their family,
- 27% want more money to buy items such as televisions or cars,
- 14% want a bigger house,
- 7% want more time spent in spiritual pursuits.

There's a lot more, go dig in.

(HT: Nick.)



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