My shipment of Lego Minis came and I put two of them together last night.

First off, the MINI Star Destroyer (4492) is one of the best models I've ever seen. I typically like the mini scale models, and this Star Destroyer is awesome. It's very solid and has a definite weight and presence to it, even for such a small model. I'm going to try converting it to a Mini Super Star Destroyer in a little while, but I really wish I'd bought two so I could keep one in the original configuration.

The other model I built is the MINI Sith Infiltrator (4493), which was disappointing. Granted, I'm not a fan of the prequel movies or their products, but the Infiltrator in Episode I looked like a pretty sleek ship. The model is boring, and the landing gear arrangement is awkward and anti-sleek. The wings are cool, but I can see why the landing gear was hard to design so as to keep the wings off the ground. I'd skip it and get a second Star Destroyer.



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