I'm excited that my Lego shipment is arriving tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are some Lego-related blogs that look worth checking out. They don't update that frequently, but they're still pretty cool.

Zemi has the coolest site design I've seen in a while and describes a pretty sweet Lego Moonbase modular building system that allows builders to combine complying modules into giant amalgamations.

Jake's Lego Blog is maintained by the Global Community Relations Specialist for the LEGO Group, Jake McKee. It's mostly links to other Lego stuff, but seeing as how Mr. McKee works for the company he has an inside track and there's some pretty good information in the archives.

From Bricks to Bothans is a blog devoted to Star Wars Lego sets, and it has reviews posted for many of the most popular. It also has a lot of sets posted with only placeholder pages, but presumably these are being filled in over time. One of the more interesting recent posts is an interview with Jay Bruns, the Lego Star Wars Brand manager.



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