Here's a non-exhaustive list of things I believe are immoral but should not be illegal. The point is that not everything good should be enforced by other humans at gunpoint.

1. Pride.
2. Lying in general, although subsets such as fraud and perjury should be illegal.
3. Aborting babies conceived by rape.
4. Devising wicked schemes.
5. Being bloodthirsty, delighting in pain and suffering.
6. Stirring up trouble over pointless things.
7. Idolatry.
8. Using God's name as a swear word.
9. Disrespecting the Sabbath.
10. Dishonoring your parents.
11. Adultery.
12. Pre-marital sex.
13. Coveting.
14. Gluttony.
15. Laziness.
16. Lust.
17. Unjustified anger; being short-tempered.
18. Greed.
19. Listening to or spreading gossip.
20. Neglecting the study of God's Word.
21. Neglecting to pray.
22. Neglecting evalgelism.
23. Neglecting church attendance and participation.
24. Drunkenness.
25. Being inhospitable.
26. Neglecting your family.
27. Neglecting the instruction and discipline of your children.
28. Insincerity.
29. Being bullying or overbearing.
30. Being manipulative.
31. Being discouraging or pessimistic.

I'll add more as I think of them.



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