I don't really follow these award things, because, let's face it, no one nominates me and I couldn't care less about anyone else. Still, one thing that's stood out to me as I've been forced to wade through the uncountable mentions on other sites of the 2004 Weblog Awards is that most bloggers are self-deprecating and appear genuinely humble. It's hard to imagine a television station or a movie studio telling its audience that other nominees are as/more worthy of the various self-congratulatory awards that are handed out annually. Maybe it's because few bloggers have money on the line? Eh... the time it takes to write and the pride involved in presenting a pleasing product seem to be as important as mere money. Maybe it's just that blogging attracts a different sort of person than cameras do?

Anyway, shouldn't the thing be called the "2004 Blog Awards"? No one uses "weblog" anymore except the AARP.

Anyway further, if you're planning on voting you may as well vote for the Bear Flaggers below, who really are all excellent writers and deserve to be recognized.

Best Design: Little Miss Atilla
Best Humor: Beautiful Atrocities
Top 100: Aaron's Rantblog
100-250: Patterico
100-250: damnum absque injuria
100-250: 250-500: Digger's Realm
500-1000: Shaking Spears
1000-1750: Legal XXX
Best LGBT: Boi from Troy
Best Military: Citizen Smash



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