Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber appears to miss the difference between thoughts and things.

— The thirteen original states that brought us the Constitution voted overwhelmingly for John Kerry.
— The states that didn’t secede and which fought against slavery voted overwhelmingly for John Kerry.
— Black America which brought us in Martin Luther King, one of the greatest moral exemplars of modern times as well as the blues, jazz and soul voted overwhelmingly for John Kerry.
— California, home of the modern motion picture industry, voted for Kerry.

These are the great American achievements: the United States’ lasting contribution to freedom, culture and progress. Sadly, that America, the America of which Americans have the most reason to be proud and foreigners have the most reason to admire, just lost. Again.

Some of his "lasting contributions" are inconsequential, and as for the others he appears to miss the point completely. Sure, the geographical land masses that housed the men who wrote the Constitution now house people who voted for John Kerry -- and so what? What type of document would the residents of the thirteen original states craft now, given the opportunity? The American Constitution, or something like that of European Union?

Don't get me started on Martin Luther King Jr., plagiarist and philanderer. Slavery is pretty much a dead issue, except for the statists who do everything possible to keep black Americans dependent on the government. The movie industry? Please.

A cursory examination of the evidence will reveal something very significant, perhaps even to Mr. Bertram. America is the richest nation in the world, and has been for decades. America contributes more to charity, at home and abroad, than any other nation. America has shed more blood and spent more treasure in the battles against tyranny and oppression than has any other nation. America feeds the world. America heals the world. America protects the world. America facilitates trade and keeps peace on the high seas. America funds more scientific research than any other ten nations. America leads the way in space exploration. America leads the way in economic and social freedom. America is more tolerant and less discriminatory than any other nation in the history of mankind. And why? What else is unique about us? Do we have the tallest skyscrapers or the most erudite and sophisticated intelligentsia? No?

America is the most Christian nation in the world. It is the values and ethics of the Red States that made America great... beliefs that began before one foot was set in the thirteen original states and philosophies that no longer reside there. The vast Red ocean (how grand it is to reclaim that color!) stretching from coast to coast forms the bedrock not only of American greatness, but also of global security and prosperity. The New York elites and Los Angeles studio heads may be ignorant and blind enough to snap at the hands that feed and shelter them, but they would do well to realize that Reagan's "shining city on a hill" isn't really a city at all, but rather a web of "flyover" counties that glues us all together and carries the world on its back.



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