SDB also has a poll up about robot girls. I'm not that into anime, but I gather that robot slave girls are a common theme. Kinda the ultimate objectification of women, right? I mean, oh, it's ok -- they're not people, just robots! Sure, they look and act like people, but they're just sophisticated things. Eh. There are enough men who see real women in that same way that the concept of robot girls makes me uncomfortable.

Not that I don't understand the allure. Love is addictive, and a robot girl you could completely control would love you and never do anything to hurt you... but it's a misshaped fantasy. Such love would be just an illusion, no matter how real it felt. Falling into a trap like that would be no different than a heroin addict's permanent ecstatic torpor. The concept is a sort of emotional pornography (other forms of which are all around us).

Isn't the point of love that someone chooses to be with you?

A connection to Islamofascism.

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