I may have to start watching Wheel of Fortune again, because so says Pat Sajak about Hollywood's silence over Theo van Gogh:

The presumed murderer, a Dutch-born dual Moroccan-Dutch citizen, attached a 5-page note to van Gogh's body with a knife. In it, he threatened jihad against the West in general, and specifically against five prominent Dutch political figures. Van Gogh’s crime? He created a short film highly critical of the treatment of women in Islamic societies. So, again I ask, where is the outrage from Hollywood’s creative community? I mean, talk about a violation of the right of free speech!

Perhaps they are afraid that their protests would put them in danger. That, at least, is a defensible position. If I were Michael Moore, I would much rather rail against George W. Bush, who is much less likely to have me killed, than van Gogh’s murderer and the threat to creative freedom he brings. Besides, a man of Moore’s size would provide a great deal of “bulletin board” space.

Despite the Crushing of Dissent in John Ashcroft's Alberto Gonzalez' America, I haven't noticed any Hollywood filmmakers brutally murdered recently, even the fat ham-enriched ones that tend to be -- as a species -- particularly hostile to the Bush Administration.

Such a specimen recently appeared on the Tonight Show, supposedly shorn of its gorilla-hair and adorned in human clothes. It didn't address the murder of fellow-director Theo van Gogh, but it did say that the War on Terror makes for a good "story". Also a good story: being attacked by OJ, with a ton of bacon, on the Tonight Show.



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