One of Santa's elves (a so-called Canadian MP, whatever that is) is accusing America of being "out of step" with the world.

Carolyn Parrish said Wednesday that she's "dumbfounded" by Bush's victory. "He has been reconfirmed as their commander-in-chief, and he is a war-like man." American voters showed that they are "completely out of step with most of the free world," Parrish said. "I guess it's a reflection of the profound psychological damage of 9-11."
Strangely, MP Parrish is precisely in step with the terrorists who also don't like our war-like-ness and also didn't want to see Bush reelected. How odd! Fortunately, the "free world" as she calls it -- a.k.a., France, Germany, and the North Pole -- doesn't get to vote in American elections.

And so Parrish is "dumbfounded", but that's hardly news is it? I found out she was dumb long ago. After all, how many people consider 3000+ deaths and a traumatized economy mere "psychological damage"? Screw off. And if you want to see "war-like", just wait till American runs out of trees or snow -- we know where you live. My recommendation to the "free world": get in step with us, or get stepped on.



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