I hope this story about pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong doesn't fly under the New Year's Day radar. Over 100,000 people marched in Hong Kong, asking for democratic reforms now that would allow them to elect their own officials again, rather than have them appointed by the communists in China as has been done since the UK turned the city over in 1997.

What's most humorous is the reaction of Hong Kong's chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa (a communist):

"Many citizens took part in the procession today. We will listen carefully to their aspirations," Tung said in a written statement. But he added, "Hong Kong is a pluralistic society, and there are differing views on the pace of constitutional development."
Ohhh! The people of Hong Kong can't have democracy because some of the people of Hong Kong don't want it! It's pretty ironic to have a communist dictatorship defending its anti-democratic policies on the basis of public will (not that this is new).

And of course, there's always this same old argument:

The city's pro-democracy opposition argues that Tung should begin drafting new election legislation now to ensure there is enough time to persuade everyone to sign on to it. But both Tung and his superiors in Beijing have shown no interest in moving quickly on the issue, while many of the city's wealthy tycoons have argued that Hong Kong people are not ready for democracy.
You don't have to be "ready" for democracy, you just have to do it. It'll work itself out over time. The argument is particularly absurd with respect to Hong Kong: the city was democratic for 100 years (or so?) until 1997.

Just another reason to dislike communists.



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