Don't miss the significance of Facebook's humiliating free speech disaster just because Politico tries to minimize it by calling it a "policy tweak". The point isn't merely that Facebook and many "experts" were wrong, the point is that the only way to discover truth is through speech. When we limit free speech we cripple our ability to find the truth.

Some people are ascribing political motivations to Facebook's censorship.

While it is welcome news that Facebook has reversed its policy, perhaps the bigger issue here is that Facebook's policy was wrong. Not just because it was incorrect but because Facebook shouldn't be in the business of curating content and making decisions as to what people can and cannot read. This reversal is an indictment of Facebook's entire content-moderation effort, which they say is meant to curb the spread of fake news when, in actuality, it was meant to curb inconvenient news.

This is a pretty easy hypothesis to test. What proportion of Facebook speech restrictions limit left-wing talking points as compared to right-wing talking points? I don't know the answer, but I can guess.

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