Yes, the Iowa Caucuses were a disaster for the Democrats last night. But even aside from the execution problems they experienced this year, it's important to point out the biggest flaw of the caucus process itself: the lack of a secret ballot. Caucuses are explicitly designed to put social pressure on people's vote.

The Kremers plan to start caucusing for Pete Buttigieg. They say they like that he's intelligent and stands for what they believe. But what they like the most is that he can be a "healer."

"The world needs healing," Bonnie said.

They don't agree on their second choices: Jack said he prefers Amy Klobuchar. And when Bonnie said her second choice was Elizabeth Warren, Jack replied: "Don't forget you need a ride home."

The couple laughed and said they drove two hours from Fort Myers Beach.

Sure, it's a funny joke between a husband and wife, but there's absolutely no doubt that social pressure drives caucus behavior. It's undemocratic and should be eliminated.

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