Bloomberg has an infographic about how automation threatens various jobs. I think it captures some interesting categories, but I don't agree with the bottom line.


For "Manipulation"-type jobs, it is only a matter of time before automation miniaturizes and catches up to humans.

For "Creativity", internet distribution makes it possible for elite creative workers to share their products very widely and cheaply, thereby pricing middling/poor creative workers out of the market. Non-elite creative workers will only get paid for making unique creations, and the pay will be poor. Example: quilt-making.

The "Social/Perception" field is likely safe for the foreseeable future... but what does that mean? Humans will be better than automation at social interactions with other humans... but will there be any money in that when no one has any other jobs?

Obviously I don't think the future is that bleak. I believe that humans and machines will continue to cooperate in voluntary collaborations and we'll all be better off for it. The modern corporation is basically a massive human/machine hybrid.

(HT: WH.)

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