The nonsense surrounding Anthony Weiner highlights the lengths that Democrats were willing to go in the 1990s to protect Bill Clinton from his own philandering. It was irrational at the time, and is even more absurd now that Weiner and his wife Huma are being abandoned. What's the difference between Hillary and Huma?

What accounts for the contrast between the disparagement of Huma and the reverence for Hillary? It won't do to say that Mrs. Clinton is more accomplished now than Mrs. Weiner, for Huma's now-critics treated Hillary no less kindly back then. No, the only possible explanation is the one the Washington Post's Erik Wemple puts forth:
The distinction may have more to do with political gifts than marital particulars. Despite his high media profile, Weiner is a former House member who was the the lead sponsor of only one bill that actually became law. Clinton was a successful two-term president of the United States, and he went on to be the head of a global philanthropic enterprise.

So Hillary is admired and Huma maligned because Hillary married better. Isn't feminism wonderful?

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