A team from the University of Illinois has created a super-battery that could revolutionize the ongoing consumer electronic explosion.

The University of Illinois team says its use of 3D-electrodes allows it to build "microbatteries" that are many times smaller than commercially available options, or the same size and many times more powerful.

It adds they can be recharged 1,000 times faster than competing tech. ...

"You could replace your car battery with one of our batteries and it would be 10 times smaller, or 10 times more powerful. With that in mind you could jumpstart a car with the battery in your cell phone."

Better batteries will lead to much more powerful portable electronics. One of the chief complaints about the recently unveiled Google Glass is that the power consumption is high and battery life is low.

The battery should last about a day during "typical use" however features like Google Hangouts and video recording will drain the battery more quickly.

Super-batteries could also completely change the economics of electric vehicles. No one wants them because their ranges are too low, but what if you could get 500 miles from a charge instead of 50? Sign me up.

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