This article presents two very different views on the looming defense sequestration. It begins:

As the defense industry and its allies in the Pentagon and Congress stepped up their drum beat Wednesday about the dangers that scheduled automatic cuts in the defense budget pose to national security and the economy, there could be little doubt that Congress and the White House will block or defang those cuts by the end of the year.

Which makes it sound like the sequester is DOA, right? But look at the end of the article:

Foreign policy and defense expert Gordon Adams of the Henry L. Stimson Center wrote this week that the current projection of a flat defense budget is "the most moderate and shallow build down we have ever experienced" since the end of the Korean War. He said the last three defense build downs saw defense resources actually fall, on average, 30 percent in constant dollars over ten years. Even with a sequester, the overall cut of an additional $500 billion, in round numbers, would be only 17 percent, and that's from a budget that was projected to grow.

"We're a long way from doomsday,"Adams said, adding that "all the political hair tearing, garment rendering, and teeth gnashing" by defense executives and lawmakers was unfounded.

So, perhaps in the end it will be easier to do nothing, and the sequester will happen. I'm sure there will be a lot of posturing and playing chicken, but in the end if the sequester is to be prevented the repeal will require 60 votes in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

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