I'm so glad I didn't go to law school.

Things began to change in 2010, when the recession more fully impacted law firms, affecting the Class of 2010 in many ways, including a marked shrinking of summer classes in 2009. This resulted in the right-hand peak eroding back to 18% of reported salaries, and the left-hand peak bulking up to almost half (48%) of reported salaries. The erosion continued in 2011, with $160,000 salaries accounting for 14% of reported salaries, and $40,000 -$65,000 salaries accounting for over half (52%) of reported salaries.

The legal profession is collapsing because it's so easy to outsource the work. Just because your client is in New York doesn't mean your paper pushers can't be in India, China, Alabama, or wherever.

Sure, it's the same for some kinds of engineering, but not all....

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