This infographic about Millennials (age ~18-29) is encouraging to me! This excerpt shows why Millennials won't be taking my job:


Hmmm... which sounds more productive: "Technology use & work ethic" or "Technology use & music / pop culture"?

Also good for me, entering the job market during a recession (as Millennials are doing) hurts your long-term career prospects:

Sociologists have shown that being born in a recession dampens your earnings throughout your lifetime, simply because the first jobs you get are the ones that define much of your success in later life. Almost all the wage increases that you'll get arrive before you're 40. Thus, if you enter the workforce and struggle to find a job, you'll be consistently hobbled by a lack of experience and tenure.

So will Millennials continue voting Democrat for the rest of their lives now that they've cut their teeth on Obama? Or will they -- gasp -- grow up as they age? My guess is the latter. Comparing the work ethic of a 30-something generation that is having children to the work ethic of the 20-something generation is kind of absurd. Didn't people use to say that Generation X was full of no-good stoner grunge-rock layabouts?

So maybe I should be worried after all!

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