Here at Master of None we always give people the benefit of the doubt and never question their sincerity. President Obama has given numerous speeches showing that he takes our debt and deficit very seriously, and we believe him! Just as a fun counter-factual though... what would the President have done differently if he didn't really want to reduce the deficit but only wanted it to appear that he did?

The President's press secretary tells us that the President and his Treasury Secretary have "been very engaged with their European counterparts" in addressing their debt crises, but it appears the President's involvement in the American Super Committee was to set a proposal on the table and then leave.

Mr. Carney points to the President's September proposal to the Super Committee, and to the negotiations with Speaker Boehner over the summer, as evidence that the President is trying to reduce the budget deficit. For balance I think it's important to point out five deficit reduction opportunities the President missed.

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