Fascinating claim that I'll have to ponder: male employment is much more important for society than female employment.

As earned-income increases, marriage rates also increase. A man is simply not a viable potential spouse until he can earn enough to support a family, regardless of the wife's income. Most women want to "marry up" financially, and those of us who promote marriage must take this into account. The employment and income of men is much more important for a healthy society than that of women.

Implication: If stable marriages and families are important for society, then our policies should focus on increasing male employment and income.

Further claim:

A society that wishes to prosper in peace must ensure that the overwhelming majority of young men can marry and keep their wives. As we are not doing that, and there appears to be little appetite for enacting the policies which would encourage that, we should prepare ourselves for our inevitable decline and the destruction that will follow it.

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