Glenn Reynolds' readers report "TAX CHEAT!" Tim Geithner stamped bills are showing up in the wild!

UPDATE: A reader emails:
After your post some time ago about the "Tax Cheat" stamp, I had been carefully reviewing the bills I receive to see how many had Geithner's signature. They recently started popping up regularly. And lo and behold, yesterday, when I went to get a cheese steak (I'm in the Philadelphia suburbs), I got a "Tax Cheat"-stamped bill as change. Loved it.

Best regards
(don't use my name, I don't want to get audited or anything like that.)

Well, the guy behind the stamp already did. Doesn't seem to have stopped him, though. And this is the first sighting of a stamped bill "in the wild" that I've heard of.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails:

I work at a Trader Joe's in St. Louis. I wasn't actively looking for the Tax Cheat bills, but while giving change last week I noticed that one of the singles I pulled out of my drawer had something on it. I looked again, and it was stamped. The next bill had "Cheater" written over the signature in red pen.

The best part about the experience is, upon my pointing it out, the customer said they were keeping both bills for themselves and wouldn't spend them.

Hmm. I wonder how widespread this phenomenon is.

It's not too late to order "TAX CHEAT!" stamps now! I hope Geithner never leaves... it's like my own personal stimulus program.

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