Hey, Jonathan Rauch, you're already a master-blogger! Despite your idiotic disdain for the medium you have written a post so insipid, pretentious, and provocative that it's sure to get a zillion hits.

Well, I'm blogging. Those who know me will know I have a pretty bad attitude about the blogosphere.

Well, seeing as how I'd never heard of you, I've only just now learned about your bad attitude. Blogs are so informative!

I've done my share of blogging over at the Independent Gay Forum,

A link to your blog right at the top of your first paragraph? How gauche! And congrats on being gay. Although I don't mention it often, I'm straight.

but my mild, moderate, think-it-through-and-get-it-right style doesn't mesh well with blogosphere culture,

Which explains your bad attitude. It must be frustrating to be so unappreciated despite your obvious mildness, moderateness, and rightness.

with blogosphere culture, which seems more to resemble, say, Roman gladiatorial entertainment, only without the subtlety.

Wait, was that subtlety right there? Were you being subtle?! Wow, I almost missed it. How autological of you.

Plus...I'm not getting paid. That's good for you, but it's not so good for me.

My blog is pretty paltry, but I get paid from ads. You can bet that Andrew Sullivan, where you're guest-blogging, is making a ton of money from his blog. And hey, you managed to include a link to your gay forum right up at the top, so dare I infer that you make money from it somehow? If not, that's not a flaw with the medium, it sounds like a personal problem.

Or for reporting. Or for journalism. And don't even get me started on commenters.

Ok, so, maybe we should prevent technology and culture from changing so as to protect what you think is good for "reporting" and "journalism"? Let's do it!

And is that just sloppy writing, or are you suggesting that commenters should be getting paid?

(HT: Megan McArdle.)

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