Apparently Representative Eric Cantor, Republican Majority Leader, is angering President Obama and Congressional Democrats.

House and Senate Democrats have ripped Cantor for days, and a House Democratic leadership aide described the majority leader's account of Wednesday's meeting as "Cantor's Gingrich back-of-the-plane moment" -- referencing a moment in 1995 when then-Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) complained about being seated near the back of Air Force One and was quickly depicted in the media as a crybaby.

"Obama was concluding the meeting, giving the closing remarks and talking about meeting tomorrow, Cantor interrupted him and raised for the third time doing a short-term, and Obama shut him down," the aide said. "Cantor was playing the role he's been playing throughout this whole thing -- being not productive."

A GOP aide said it was "the most tense meeting of the week."

I'm glad that Cantor is frustrating the Democrats, and I hope he keeps it up. The majority of the public doesn't even want the debt ceiling raised, so they're not going to have much sympathy for the Democrats who want to do it along with tax increases.

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