A commenter on Instapundit writes that middle-class wealth is the new "natural resource" to be plundered by the modern robber-barons in government.

In the 80′s a thought struck me. The extraction of resources and creation of wealth in our country had produced the middle class as a by-product, not as a desired goal. The new “natural resource” available for plunder was now the wealth accumulated by the middle class.

I assumed that robber barons and snake-oil salesmen would arise to attempt this feat, but it never occurred to me that a collusion of our own government, unions and financiers would organize to kill the golden goose. I also never thought the voters would line up in sufficient numbers to be lambs for the slaughter.

I sure love my country. I would never do to her what this collection of S.O.B.s has done.

I’m hanging on to hope that we can ride out this storm. I think we can.

Great perspective. Thieves go for where the money is.

Update: The clerks have betrayed us.

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