Robert Farago explains the Project Gun Runner and Operation Fast and Furious and how the BATF basically created crime in order to stop it.

Think about this. A store opens up in a bad part of Phoenix for the express purpose of purchasing stolen weapons (for the ATF) and drugs (for the other agencies). The store lets it be known that they’re open for [criminal] business and spreads a ton of cash around. No one gets arrested. And so their “success” snowballs over nine months. The bad guys know there’s a thriving market for stolen guns. So what do they do? Steal guns.

Now look at this from an Arizona gun owner’s point of view. You’re sitting in your house with a nice collection of guns. Suddenly, bad shit goes down. A group of very bad people (with a nice new income stream to keep them ungainfully employed) have decided that they want your guns. And by God they’re going to take them. Why? So they can sell them to the federal government.

News flash: sting operations don’t stop crime. The foster it. Although not enough judges are willing to lay down the law in cases where obvious bad guys appear before them thanks to “here run this down the street for me right quick” law enforcement, sting operations are illegal. They lure people into committing crimes.

"Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms" should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

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