Ace sums up the sequence of proposed budget cuts:

The GOP proposed $61 billion in cuts, after promising $100 billion. The Democrats made a secret offer of $30 billion in total cuts. We've now agreed to $33 billion, I guess, which, unless I'm failing at math here, is a whole lot closer to $30 billion than $61 billion and nowhere at all near $1.6 trillion.

I haven't written much about this because it's hard for me to care. With a deficit of $1,600 billion, what does it matter if they cut $100 billion or $30 billion? Either one is a drop in the bucket. No matter which passes, everyone will pat themselves on the back and consider the deficit issue to be "handled" for now. It's ludicrous. Even $100 billion in cuts isn't remotely serious, and the fact that such a modest goal appears out of reach is deeply frustrating and disturbing.

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