The most important low-profile story from yesterday is the large number of state legislatures that switched to Republican control.

  • Going into the 2010 elections, Democrats held 60 partisan legislative chambers and Republicans held 36, with a couple of ties.
  • It looks like the GOP has picked up an astounding 20 chambers, including both houses in Alabama, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Wisconsin and additional chambers in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
  • In total legislative seats, it is possible that after all the results are posted, Republicans will have won a nationwide majority.
  • Republicans haven’t enjoyed this much power in state capitals since the 1920s.

These legislatures will be redrawing House district lines in accordance with the 2010 census, and could create up to a dozen new "safe" Republican House seats before the 2012 elections.

Update: More redistricting details.

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