Looks like my predictions this morning of Republicans gaining 60+ in the House and 7-8 in the Senate were a bit high. I'm especially disappointed that Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and Jerry Brown won their elections. Reid because he has been instrumental in advancing the President's agenda in the Senate, and the other two because I actually had some hope for the rejuvenation of California. The mess of propositions that are passing also look inauspicious for the state.

On the bright side, yes, Republicans have taken control of the House. Plus, they've taken Obama's former Senate seat in Illinois and gained Marco Rubio in Florida. Definitely a good night for conservatives, but not the tsunami that some pundits had been predicting. From what I see, Republicans haven't won a single come-from-behind victory against the latest polls. Maybe the pollsters just did a really good job this year?

Still unknown: how many state legislators have the Republicans taken over? The legislatures will be gerrymandering House districts next year, and control of more state legislatures will mean a few more "safe" Republican House seats in 2012. Hopefully someone will have these numbers crunched when I wake up tomorrow.

Sleep well! Less than 15 months till the Iowa caucuses....

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