More than one-third of "extinct" mammals eventually reappear in the wild.

‘We identified 187 mammal species that have been missing since 1500,’ she wrote in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

‘In the complete data-set, 67 species that were once missing have been rediscovered.

More than a third of mammal species that have been classified as extinct or possibly extinct, or flagged as missing, have been rediscovered.’ ...

The mistakes cannot be blamed on primitive technology or old fashioned scientific methods.

‘Mammals missing in the 20th century were nearly three times as likely to be rediscovered as those that disappeared in the 19th century,’ Dr Fisher added.

It's almost as if there's some sort of political/financial incentive for declaring animals extinct... hm... cui bono?

(HT: RD, who points out that more animals means more tasty BBQs.)

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