As we remember together the 3,000 lives lost nine years ago, we shouldn't forget that 9/11 wasn't a "tragedy", it was a deliberate attack on our civilization. The war isn't over yet -- we haven't won -- and there are still plenty of people who are planning, supporting, and yearning for another deadly strike on America.

Beyond Mourning:

But it would be a mistake to sentimentalize what happened on that brilliantly sunlit late-summer morning -- just as it would be wrong to lose sight of the true nature of the event.

The attacks were acts of mass murder, committed to advance political goals that were -- and remain -- antithetical to civilization itself.

Lenin wrote that the purpose of terror ism is to terrorize, and he was right. In this case, the object was to weaken the will of the established order to resist murderous medievalists who meant to drag the West back to the 9th century.

Who still mean to.

Pray for the soldiers, law enforcement officers, and politicians who are working to keep us safe.

God bless America!

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