Massachusetts is unique among the states (as far as I know) in that it allows taxpayers to choose between two tax income tax rates: 5.3% or 5.85%. Surprisingly, even people who were against the tax cut that created the 5.3% rate don't seem eager to pay the higher rate when given a choice!

Of 1,840,000 state tax filers, exactly 931 have opted to pay taxes at the higher rate. That works out to one-twentieth of one percent. Think of it this way: In 2000, only 60 percent of the Massachusetts electorate voted to cut the income tax, but a decade later 99.95 percent of the population has decided to take advantage of the tax cut a lot of them claimed they didn’t want or need.

The moonbat motto is: Do as I say, not as I do. Consider the charitable deductions (or lack thereof) of the most sanctimonious liberal politicians: Obama, Biden, Kerry. They throw around quarters - their own, anyway - like they were manhole covers. But they would gladly give you the shirt off somebody else’s back.

Here's a reminder of how much of their own money the Obamas give to charity. Notice how the figures start to rise along with Barack's political aspirations.

Leftists hate charity because they don't want to give away their own money, and they love government because they want to give away your money.

(HT: TaxProfBlog and TaxProfBlog.)

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