Orange County has long been one of the few conservative counties in California where ordinary citizens -- not only celebrities, politicians, and their cronies -- could obtain permits to carry concealed weapons. Recent Orange County sheriff appointee Sandra Hutchens has decided to change that long-standing policy and the citizens she hopes to win election from are not happy.

During the 15 minute video, citizen gun owners who attended a hearing before the Orange County Board of Supervisors testified their dissatisfaction with the Sheriff, a political appointee and her new policy. Many speakers suggested that she has her own agenda, is intending to impose the undesireable policies of Los Angeles County on the citizens of Orange County. The Board of Supervisors came under fire for having appointed someone who does not represent the concerns of the citizens.

Sheriff Hutchens stood her ground refuting the interpretation of her new policy saying “I do not see this as a Second Amendment Issue. The policy does not impact the right to have a gun at home or in a place of business.”

Bill Hunt, who is expected to challenge Sheriff Hutchens in the 2010 election was critical of Sheriff and other Police Chief’s who do not share the fundamental beliefs in values held in the communities which they serve.

The following points were made during the citizen testimony:

  • Why should permits be given only to those who transport large sums of money?
  • Personal protection and family protection should be considered as primary issue
  • Restricting use of Concealed Carry Weapon permits does not make the county safer.

I personally doubt that the last bastion of conservatism in California can be saved, but I hope I'm wrong!

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