Keyboard Militia takes on a spy-vs.-spy tone with this one, but it's still an interesting inside-baseball story of political intrigue: is a "top democrat operative" in St. Louis?

A story we have been following here for the past week involves an unidentified black man from Washington D.C., loud, and arrogant as described by others on American Airlines Flight AA401 arriving on Sept. 18th. More details of this man are found on the St.Louis Tea Party website:
On Saturday evening, we confirmed that a top Democrat operative arrived in St. Louis on Friday afternoon to “deal with” Tea Parties. Additional details have emerged.

* The operative, an African-American man, arrived on American Airlines flight 401

* The operative boarded flight AA401 in Washington, DC

* He wore all black—sweatshirt, sweats—and a fraternity ball cap bearing Greek letters

* He is working with Valerie Jarrett, the committed communist and Obama’s “brain”

So what's going on? It would be pretty funny if this guy turns out to just be a local activist. Fun times!

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