Left-wing smear merchants should be embarrassed that their efforts to deceitfully undermine the Tea Party movement has led to hundreds of poor families going hungry.

On April 15th of this year, we collected 3000 lbs of food and $600 dollars (enough for another 3000 lbs) at Kiener Plaza. Volunteers, led by Rich and Mimi, collected the food onsite, and used the CoC [Circle Of Concern] van to transport the food back to the Food Bank. It was a smashing success, and CoC thanked them in the June newsletter. After the Tea Party, reports from the Southern Law Poverty Center, Charles Jaco, the Post-Dispatch, and FiredUpMissouri convinced members of the board that the Tea Parties were too political. Two photographs were referenced, one stating that Russ Carnahan should be hanged, and the other with a picture of a Swastika. Both pictures were found at FiredUp, in one of their attempts to smear any and all Tea Party activists. ...

Here's the problem. The first photo was staged by a leftwing comedian, and the other was a takeoff on a best-selling book called Liberal Fascism, which addresses the similarity between the progressivism of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and the socialist/fascist movements of Europe. We explained to CofC that staged photos and the photos most likely to offend were reprinted in an effort to discredit the Tea Parties. Throw in Charles Jaco's innaccurate and corrected report on hate groups at the Tea Parties (as defined by the SLPC), and it was clear the Tea Parties were maligned by far left wing groups.

As a result of these lies Circle Of Concern has decided to sever ties with the Tea Partiers. Their charity does important work and simply can't afford to be tied to even the perception extremism. The fact that this perception is a lie manufactured by statist spoilers doesn't change their position.

6000 lbs of food feed almost a hundred families for one month. Left wing activists worked to libel the Tea Parties and who cares if some people go hungry? There's nothing more important than political power, even if it means charities and those they serve are impacted.

The left-wingers behind these deceptions should be ashamed, but I'm sure they aren't.

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