I'm not sure that Krypton as a climate change allegory will be compelling to many people.

Government leaders convene in a hearing room, a tableau of probity and power. A lone, impassioned scientist addresses them. He says their planet is in grave danger from catastrophic but predictable changes, some already underway. He cites natural disasters, floods, and the planet's steady warming. Despite this grim prognosis, he argues, there is a solution, one the cost of which is manageable -- but only if they commit to action.

At first, the leaders are shocked. But after a moment's consideration, some begin to titter. Some smirk, others laugh derisively, accusing him of fabricating a hoax. Yet even as dismiss the scientist as having lost his senses, the first unmistakable signs that he is right are taking place all around them.

Al Gore testifying to the Senate?

Far from it. The scientist was Jor-El. The leaders were the Council of the Planet Krypton. And the scene was the opening of the first episode in the television series, Superman.

Plus, of course, Algore has no scientific training whatsoever and is not a scientist. He's a lawyer.

Anyway, if you can read the whole post without laughing and the consistently strained metaphor you should get an award -- a Superaward!

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