I don't like many of her votes in the Senate, many of her policy preferences, or many of the things she stands for, but I just heard her on the radio with Jamie Allman and I do like her. She was much less evasive than most politicians I've listened to, even to the point of acknowledging that many Missourians are angry about the orgy of bail-outs and spending. She didn't say she'd oppose more bail-outs or spending, but she at least admitted that her upcoming town hall meetings are likely to be unpleasant for her.

It's unfortunate that whatever Republican runs against her next is likely to be much less charismatic and straightforward, despite sharing more of my policy preferences.

(Senator McCaskill, if you find this by Googling your name, please show more sense on the abortion issue and quit prostrating yourself before EMILY's List and the abortion industry.)

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