My daughter has been born, and I haven't changed my mind about not paying for her college education. In addition to the points I made in that earlier post, I believe that:

1. Tuition will get cheaper over time. It's vastly overpriced right now, and I think that will be corrected over the next 18 years.

2. There will be fewer students in the future. According to this Census estimate almost 10% of the population is currently college-age; in 2025 the percentage is predicted to drop to 8.7%. Fewer college students among a larger population means more loans and grants for future students. We're at a mini-peak for that age group right now, which (along with the credit freeze) is why college is so expensive at the moment.

3. As I said before: no one will lend me money for retirement. Additionally, my wife is younger than I am and will need to live off our retirement savings for longer than I will.

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