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I'm extremely grateful for the outpouring of support I've received over the past few days from other Americans who are as fed up as I am with the incestuous orgy of corruption in Washington DC. The point of TaxCheatStamps.com (buy a stamp) is to make a public spectacle of that corruption, and the IRS audit has sure helped the cause! My wife and I have drawn a measure of comfort from the ferocious response of the American people, and we're confident now that the federal bureaucratic machine won't be able roll over us with complete impunity.

I especially want to thank Neil Cavuto, who was gracious enough to have me on his program yesterday to bring attention to this situation. Like I told Neil, there's no proof that I'm being persecuted for political reasons but the timing of the audit is very "curious". I will be extremely happy if the whole issue goes away when I send in my paperwork this week, but if it doesn't I promise that you'll hear more about it.

Here's the video of my segment last night on "Your World":

Thanks also to Glenn Reynolds, Dana Loesch, and Gateway Pundit for drawing early attention to my plight.

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