"Earth Hour" and "Earth Day" are modern day pagan rituals performed in worship of the giant ball of dirt beneath our feet.

If we're "running out" of energy (or it's just more expensive than you'd like) then the solution is to create cheaper, cleaner energy sources, not to knock ourselves back into some watery-eyed idealized Stone Age.

As my wife pointed out on a Facebook note that I apparently can't link to, prostrating yourself before Gaia is an idiotic waste of time, especially considering all the hurting humans out there. Instead of flagellating ourselves over our prosperity, we should dedicate some time and energy to spreading our blessings to the less fortunate around the world.

Instead of turning off our lights for an hour, why not work towards providing 24-hour electricity to the majority of people in the world who don't have it? Or clean water? Or cell phone service?

It's pathetic how eager the Left is to erase millennia of progress and throw civilization back into the pagan dark ages. Let's worship the earth, the air, the rocks, the ocean, and the animals!

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