It was pretty impressive that the milquetoast House Republicans managed to unanimously oppose the Democrat's "stimulus" bill, and here's the how it happened. It sounds like the Republicans respect President Obama a lot more than they do their Democrat colleagues.

“We gave the president what he asked for, a temporary stimulus bill,” said a senior Republican, “at half the cost of what the Democrats wrote. He knows it. They handed him a monster of spending. Rahm did this, and now he takes this to the Senate. Does Rahm want to be an honest broker, or does he want to be the guy who socks Republicans in the face? He isn’t helping with the Democrats, and he’s hurting with the Republicans.”

“Polling showed us that when we took the vote, independent support for the bill was collapsing,” a senior Republican said. “Democratic support was climbing while the independents ran away.”

“What does Rahm do? Is he going to go to the Democrats and say ‘no’ to this? Or is he going to make his president sign it?”

Obama isn't a fool. I have a feeling (hope! change!) that the bill will be moderated in the Senate.

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