It's strange to me that banks make so much money from fees instead of from loans and investments.

"It's becoming very clear that banks are increasingly reliant on fees resulting from overdrawn checking accounts for income," said Mr. Flores. "Nationally, the average household now has more than 12 overdraft transactions per year and pays $368 per year in fees. We see no reason for this trend to change. Bounced check fees and overdraft protection will have a larger and larger financial impact on households." ...

* The average United States household with a banking account incurs 12.7 NSF fees per year.
* Bank and credit union data used in Bretton Woods' modeling determined 1.28 billion separate check and electronic NSF items.
* An estimated 20.2 million households with bank or credit union accounts write the majority of NSF items (1.02 billion) incurring $29.7 billion in NSF fees or approximately $1,472 in fees per active household.

Good for me I guess, since I've never paid one. My banking is subsidized by idiot taxes!

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