In yet another overreach in the War on Drugs, Missouri police and sheriffs are pushing for a law banning non-prescription sales of pseudoephederine because it is an essential ingredient of meth.

If you live in Missouri, you could soon be forced to get a prescription to buy certain cold medicines.

A group of police officers wants over-the-counter drugs that contain pseudoephederine to be made prescription medications.

Pseudoephederine is a popular decongestant.

But it is also often abused, used as a key ingredient to make the dangerous, addictive, and illegal drug, meth.

"No longer do people have to worry that the house next door to them, or that the trailer home next door to them, is going to explode, " says Franklin County Sheriff's Sergeant Jason Grellner.

Seriously? Seriously. I'm supposed to waste time and money seeing a doctor when I've got a cold because some people live in fear of exploding trailers.

As TDS points out, this isn't law enforcement, it's a farce.

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